Academy for Future Science
All India Women’s Conference
Alliance to End Childhood Lead Poisoning (US)
American Indian Law Alliance
AMIGRANSA/Orinoco (Venezuela)
A SEED (Japan)
Asian Women’s Conference Network
Association 4D (France)
Association for Health & Environmental Development (Egypt)
Association for Protection of the Environment (Egypt)
Campaign for the Earth
Campaign for Nuclear Phase-out
Canadian Environmental Network
Cedrifi (Mauritius)
Center for Energy and Environmental Policy (US)
Center for Energy & Environmental Technologies (Slovenia)
Center for Environment, Technology & Development (Malaysia)
Center for Renewable Energy Resources and Energy Efficiency (Philippines)
Center for Science & Environment (India)
Christian Aid (Sri Lanka)
Citizens’ Alliance for Consumer Protection of Korea
Citizens Network for Sustainable Development (US)
Citizens’ Nuclear Information Center (Japan)
Climate Action Network Southeast Asia
Climate Network Europe
Climate Solutions
Cohort for Research on Environment, Urban Management and Human Settlement
Communities United for Responsible Energy (US)
Consumers International
Consumer Unity & Trust Society (India)
Corporacion Propuesta Ambiental (Colombia)
Cosmos (Germany)
Council for Development Environmental Studies & Conservation (Mauritius)
Country Women’s Association (Nigeria)
Danish 92 Group
Development Alternatives for Women for a New Era
Development Dialogue (Zimbabwe)
Dutch Youth Council for Environment & Development
Earth Council
Earthday Network
Earthlife Africa
Earth Summit Ireland
EcoAccord (Russia)
ENDA Maghreb
ENERGIA – International Network on Women & Sustainable Energy
Energy Alternatives Africa
Environment and Development Agency Trust (South Africa)
Energy & Development Group (South Africa)
Environment Development Action in the Third World (Enda-TM)
Environment Liaison Centre International
Environmental Monitoring Group (South Africa)
Environmental Justice Networking Forum
European Christian Environmental Network
Finnish Women’s Organizations
500 Years of Indigenous Resistance
Forest Action Network (Kenya)
Forum for Environment (Ethiopia)
Forum for Justice (Nepal)
Foundation for the Peoples of the South Pacific
Free Energy Europe
Friends of the (FOE) International
FOE Australia
FOE Costa Rica
FOE Japan
FOE Norway
FOE Togo
FOE Hong Kong
Friends Committee on Unity with Nature
Friends of Science, Culture and Art Association (KADOS, Turkey)
Fundacion Solar (Guatemala)
Fundacion Vittoria Amazonica (Brazil)
Fundamental Action to Conserve Energy
German NGO Forum on Environment & Development
Global Futures Network
Global Green
Global Network for Justice
Global Village of Beijing
Green Belt Movement
Green Consumer Network in Korea
Green Energy Law Network (Japan)
Green Front of Iran
Green Korea United
Greenpeace International
Greenpeace India
Greenpeace SE Asia
GRIAN (Ireland)
Helio International
Himalayan Light Foundation
Indigenous Environmental Network
Indigenous People of South Africa
Indonesian Center for Environmental Law
Indonesian Climate Action Network
Innu Nation
INSEDA (India)
Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy
Institute for Development of Renewable Energy (Brazil)
Institute for Energy & Environmental Research
Institute for Policy Studies
Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies (Japan)
Integrative Strategies Forum
International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives
International Environment Forum (Greece)
International Federation on Ageing
International Indian Treaty Council
International Institute for Energy Conservation
International Institute for Sustainable Future
International Marine Life Alliance
International Network for Sustainable Energy
International Native Tradition Interchange
International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War
International Presentation Association
International Solar Energy Society
International Student Movement for the UN
International Sustainable, Social and Environmental Responses
INZET – Association for North-South Campaigns
Irish Doctors Environmental Association
Kasweshkar Project for Indigenous People
Kenya Energy and Environment Organizations
Kitakyushu Forum on Asian Women (Japan)
Korea Energy Network
Korea Federation for Environmental Movement/Friends of the Earth Korea
Labor & Community Strategy Center (US)
Living Green Association (Singapore)
Living Nature for the Future – Dodo (Finland)
Loretto Community
Mauritanian Association for Development and Environment Protection
Meghalaya Environment & Wildlife Society
Metropolitan Solar Energy Society
Minerals & Energy Policy Centre (MEPC, South Africa)
Mongolian Association for Conservation of Nature and the Environment
National Council of Swedish Youth Organizations
Natural Resources Defense Council
Network Earth Village
New Energy (Ghana)
Nigerian Environmental Society
NGO Working Group on Power Sector Restructuring (Indonesia)
Norwegian Forum for Environment and Development
Nuclear Information & Resource Service
Pacific Rim Institute for Development & Education
Pan African Movement
Pax Romana
Peace Action
Pelangi (Indonesia)
Physicians for Social Responsibility
Plutonium Free Future
Red de Cooperacion Amazonica
Redefining Progress (US)
Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe
Regional Environment Organisation (Zimbabwe)
Rocky Mountain Institute
Ruk Rakaganno-Women’s Environment Centre (Sri Lanka)
Rural Action
Rural Development Services Network (South Africa)
Society of Peace & Development (Bangladesh)
Solid Action on Globalization & Environment (SAGE, Japan)
Solar Cookers International
Solar Energy International
Southern Network for Environment and Development
Sovereign Dineh Nation
Stakeholder Forum for Our Common Future
Suaram (Malaysia)
Sustainable Energy & Climate Change Partnership
Sustainable Energy, Environment & Development Programme
Sustainable Energy & Environment Network
Sustainable Energy Forum (New Zealand)
Swedish Youth Association for Nature Studies & Environmental Protection
Swiss Foundation for Technical Cooperation
Tata Energy Research Institute
Taypi Cege (Bolivia)
Tebtebba Foundation (Philippines)
Thai Environmental and Community Development Association.
The Conservancy Association (Hong Kong)
The Other Economic Summit
Third World Network
Third World Network-Africa
TNT Group (Mongolia)
Tribal Link
Tuvalu Association of NGOs
Ugnayan ng Kababaihan sa Pulitika (Philippines)
UNA Australia
UN Council of Women
Voice of Women (Canada)
WALHI (Indonesia)
Women Culture Society
Women Environment & Development Organization
World Council of Churches (Climate Change Program)
World Council of Churches (Ecumenical Team)
World Federation of UN Associations
World Information Service on Energy
Worldwatch Institute
World Resources Institute
World Wildlife Fund (WWF) International
WWF Indonesia
WWF Philippines
World Youth Organization on Climate Change
Wuppertal Institute
Yachay Wasi
Yayasan Gemi Nastiti (Indonesia)
Youth for Intergenerational Justice and Sustainability