In order to join, please send us information about your organisation, including a brief summary of your organization's work, as well as contact information (address, phone, fax, email address, and website address). Please also send us the name and contact information for the person from your organisation who will be its liaison with the Energy Caucus. NGOs do not have to be formally affiliated with the UN to join the Caucus. Member NGOs are not limited to those working at the international or national levels. We especially welcome NGOs working at the local level, "on the ground," to join the Caucus. Send or email your organisation's application to join the Caucus.

NGOs that are working on any issues or projects related to sustainable development, in the broadest sense of the term, are eligible to join, including NGOs working on issues/projects in sectors directly or indirectly affected by energy production and consumption, e.g., climate, agriculture, forests, freshwater, oceans, etc. For instance, NGOs working on health, trade, finance or education are welcome, as are NGOs working on issues/projects related to major groups, such as women, indigenous peoples, youth, and trade unions, and local (including provincial, state and municipal) governmental authorities, who in recent years have often taken the lead on promoting sustainability. Governmental or intergovernmental agencies, sustainable businesses, members of governments, and individual persons can join the Caucus as associate members.  However, only NGO members of the Caucus can participate in determining Caucus policy and positions in preparation for or during UN meetings.